Stenciling information

Budget Stencils is the on-line store that offers you a choice from thousands of stencils ranging from authentic, historic stencils right through to more modern contemporary designs. You're sure to find a stencil that suits any taste but if by any chance you don't then you can always e-mail us with your specifications and we can make a bespoke stencil for you.

All our stencils are made to order and come already cut, although many of the designs are also available uncut giving you the chance to save money. With uncut stencils the design is printed on mylar film and with just a little work with a scalpel or a heat pen you can have the stencil you want for less.

Everything you need for the perfect stencil job is available at Budget Stencils. We have a great range of acrylic paints and five different sized brushes as well as spray adhesive and many other paint effect products.

So whether you're an experienced designer or just a stenciling beginner we're certain you'll find the ideal stencil for your stenciling project.

Don't forget, stenciling is not just limited to walls, almost any surface can be stencilled and wonderful effects can be achieved on a very limited budget.

Because our stencils are made and cut to order, we can provide a large and diverse selection of innovative and imaginative designs, many of which have evolved from suggestions from our customers over the years.

Our stencils are made from high quality polyester film. This has the advantages of strength and flexibility, ease of cleaning and transparency. On most stencils there are guide marks to help align the design and ensure that repeats are regular.

Although the illustrations on these pages, especially the borders, appear to show stencils being of uniform size, this is merely a graphic device to aid readability. The dimensions given below each design indicate the true size. They are given in INCHES (millimeters in parentheses) and the first dimension is always the height, the second is the width.

Most of our stencils are simple, one layer designs whrereby the colour changes are effected through one stencil. If we feel either the design or the customer would benefit from having more than one overlay for colour seperation, we have provided it. They are simple to use and registration marks are provided on the stencil.

All our stencils can be ordered on-line direct from this site and we despatch to anywhere in the world.

We endeavour to despatch all orders with the upmost speed. Many orders are processed on the day of receipt and most others we aim to complete within 5 working days. Delivery is normally dependent on the postal services of your specific country but for expedited delivery, express courier services are available for an additional charge.

When used with reasonable care your stencil should last for the duration of an average project. Following our advice on caring for your stencils will greatly minimise the risk of damage.

If for any reason you should damage your stencil, regardless of how it happened, return it to Budget Stencils and we will pay the first 50% towards the cost of a replacement stencil (must be the identical stencil). This guarantee can only be used with our own brand stencils, we cannot guarantee those from other manufacturers.

To clean your stencil when using acrylic, latex or emulsion paint, cover the stencil with hot water and let it soak for a few minutes in a flat bottomed bath or basin. Rub gently with a stencil brush (or finger) to remove the paint from the holes. To remove oil paint or oil crayons from your stencil, dab it lightly with a tissue soaked in turpentine. Do not rub.


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